London, United Kingdom

SpineLegal™ is the trade mark for Inspine Technologies Limited (company registration: 10256871, UK Companies house), issued by the Intellectual Property Office which is an operating name of Patent Office.

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Achieve superior business performance


Practice Management,

Case Management and

Accounting for Law Firms

SpineLegal™ (SPINE) is a very practical and easy to use fully integrated legal software. It is designed and Developed alongside law firms and solicitors. SPINE is an innovative legal case management, practice management and accounting software. With built-in features and easy to customise modules, SPINE helps in effective legal matter management of all nature.


The core modules include 

  • Intelligent Dashboards 

  • Practice Management 

  • Analytics Module

  • Case Management 

  • Quotation Management, 

  • Accounting Module 

  • Document Management 

  • Document Production 

  • Template Management 

  • Workflow Management 

  • Reports and many more..

SPINE is a legal case management software with legal practice management and legal accounting integrated.

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SpineLegal save TIME and MONEY and help law firms operate efficiently and profitably. SpineLegal is a fully integrated cloud-based product and service, which supports all legal products and is suitable for small, medium and large firms.

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  1. Data Ownership

  2. Client Portal

  3. Integrations with 3rd Party Providers

  4. Easy and Quick Onboarding

  5. Compliance Requirements

  6. Unique Features for Increased Performance

  7. and Many More....

Personalise Your Experience
Accessible from All Locations

Themes to customise the screen look and feel and the Zoom feature to adapt to your eyes are some of the very niche features SPINE has built in - Check it out today!

Cloud based software with Desktop, Web, Android and iOS applications allows the solicitors to work from anywhere and on the go. Check it out today!