Workflow management is the heart of SpineLegal™ application. SpineLegal comes with the default workflows for all the case types you subscribe for. You can also define new or update the default workflows.

In order to configure the workflows, even though it is an intuitive process, the SpineLegal support team will work with you if you need any help.


The templates are attached to the workflow stages and tasks so when you book a case, the case is created with all the documents associated with the workflows automatically. 

Once the case is created, the legal practitioner will go through each of the tasks associated with the case and carry it out to completion. This will standardise the way cases are created and managed in a firm generating highly efficient processes. 

You can let your clients see the workflow stage progress through the LegalTrack application which is inbuilt in SpineLegal. You can fully control what the client sees through LegalTrack.

A highly intuitive and feature-rich case management system. Automation through configuration provides better productivity compared to the other products. Contact us for a no-obligation online demo. Alternatively, experience yourself by downloading a trial version after the demo.

A well-streamlined business process will generate significant efficiencies in any legal firm.

Take advantage of the SpineLegal offers and get started today.

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