Get to know SpineLegal

What is SpineLegal?

SpineLegal™ process addresses inefficiencies in a legal practice whilst being economical and user friendly.

Why SpineLegal?

Legal firms implement SpineLegal process for only 3 reasons a) Data Security b) More Profits and c) More Business

How SpineLegal Operate?

SpineLegal operates by defining and continuously improving the processes in a legal firm by using software solutions
SpineLegal is designed to address Work Flow Inefficiencies which will help firms turn around more cases in less time. The process and the system has in-built features helping firms run with less number of people and with more automation. The package is economical reducing the operational cost for the firm. The tools built with innovations for customer satisfaction and engagement lays the foundation for repeat and referral business.
SpineLegal™ is the only solution that integrates data security and all the key legal processes under one umbrella. It not only increases the profits and business of the firm but will increase the staff engagement in the business where there is full transparency in every detail of the case and matter.
The platform is a cloud based software with Desktop, Web, Android and iOS applications which allows the solicitors to work from anywhere and on the go. 

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