The Team

Our Team

SpineLegal team is committed to giving the best customer support and product for Legal Firms.

100+ years of experience in senior roles between the core staff at SpineLegal.

Track record of delivering solutions at Tier-1 orgnaisations.

Founder & CEO

M Thomas

[email protected]

+44 789 473 8288

Head of Development

Product Development


1. Finalist at the Supplier of the year in 2018

2. Presenting at LegalEx in 2021

3. Microsoft Business Partner 

Customer Support

HR Lead and Contracts

Online Coach


Join Us

SpineLegal mission is to bring world-class software abilities into the legal industry through innovation and collaboration with customers. 


Our Story lists the reasons why we started SpineLegal. We started SpineLegal to help a legal firm struggling with a software product with no training and very high subscription costs. SpineLegal addresses both these issues by being economical and also by providing world-class onboarding & training for all the users.

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our technology, sales and marketing


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