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SpineLegal Process Introduction
As captured in Our Story, foundations of building an efficient legal operation are found in processes that are easy to follow which are consistently followed by all the practitioners in a firm. The best approach is the incremental implementation of process improvements. This is because these are easy to adopt and are not disruptive. At SpineLegal, we have defined the full end to end process implementation to support small, medium and large legal businesses. The processes are then defined in the SpineLegal platform, making it easier to configure out of the box. You can download the process documentation by clicking the button below.
SpineLegal Process Components
Our experience with legal firms brought out the challenges with specific and fixed implementations. Hence, we approached the process and system implementation with an open mind to make it highly configurable. The modern thinking of a "Client Centred Law Firm” can be made possible only through having strong foundations. Only then, can incremental improvements be made.  SpineLegal provides the processes and platform on which firms can improve upon, and bring innovation to the services they offer.

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