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Practice Management

SpineLegal practice management provides the partners and senior solicitors a real time view of the performance of the practice.


The charts in the homepage is crafted to provide the distribution of the cases and to identify the outstanding activities in a single view.



Advanced case viewer provides all key metrics on accounts, workflow progress, audit and many more..

Case Management

SpineLegal Case Management is run with one time pre-defined templates, workflow and case audit settings.


User experience is achieved by research and ensuring every aspect of case management is undertaken with precision and care

Integration with LegalTrack enables messaging with customers and receiving documents straight into case management screen.


Legal Accounting

SpineLegal provides the SRA regulations compliant accounting module with easy to use functionalities. Full ledger management with configurable colour coding and reconciliations available.

The invoicing, supplier management and receipts processing are some of the key features to explore.

Trial balance, VAT module and reports provide the accountant with easy tools to audit and conduct periodic assessment.

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