Want repeat business in your legal firm?

How do you generate repeat business?

If you are running a legal firm and would like to increase profits, business and customer satisfaction; these 3 ideas are a must to implement. Get to know your customer at a deeper level, use technology and develop a value ladder so there is repeat sale of your services.

1. Understanding Customer Persona

The biggest wealth or the gold mine most of the firms have is the track record / list of customers they have already served over the period of last many years. Also, the blatant truth is most of the customers require a number of legal services over their life time. If you can address this business opportunity with the available data of the customers, you are looking at a very prospective opportunity of generating repeat businesses for the firm until the foreseen future.

2. Leveraging Technology

Technology is rapidly changing as we speak and has brought in number of benefits in the legal process management. A good example is a firm who engaged a large customer with SMS/Text updates as they know he hated emails, reaped the benefit of large volume of business from him. This is a good example of both a customer persona and leveraging technology. This is just one of the examples where technology can come in handy to build better engagement, trust and to create win-win situation.

3. Developing a Value Ladder

Let’s assume a firm has some products which the customers seek to purchase as services. If we think of what additional benefits/value the customer could be offered, the firm could help the customer through an offer stack or a value ladder. What is shocking is most of the firms doesn’t even consider putting a value ladder out there whilst they could have the same customer buy additional services without any advertisement costs or referral costs.

These ideas need careful consideration and development specific to each firm. There is no one size fits all but the idea/strategy could be replicated easily.

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