Protecting legal firm's data from security flaws

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

For any company that provides services to clients, be they legal or otherwise, data security is always vital. At SpineLegal, we know from experience in financial services how weak and unreliable data ownership and protection practices are across UK legal firms.

This fact was brought into sharp reality when an unsecured online database owned by a top UK software provider, namely Advanced, exposed personal, sensitive information about clients and staff belonging to over 190 law firms who used their technology. You can read more about this on FT or Teiss.

In light of this breach, discovered in February 2020, it may now be time for you to take control of your own data and manage it using the best available security in the industry, which will give you much needed peace of mind. Indeed, it was precisely for this purpose that SpineLegal was developed. We employ cloud providers like Google, Dropbox and Microsoft all of whom have the best security record.

With this in mind, we will take a closer look at some advice given by experts on how law firms can protect data in the cloud. We will then pose three questions you might want to ask yourselves before you take on the responsibility of controlling and managing your own confidential, sensitive data.

Be proactive about backing up data

As legal firms grow increasingly reliant on cloud-based data storage, it is important to safeguard clients from the potentially disastrous consequences of data loss, whether it be client data, cause or practice data. It is essential, therefore, to regularly back-up your whole database. Firms should conduct their own research to make sure the provider they choose can give them the control you need to manage all your data freely. If a provider says that there will be a reasonable charge when you back-up data, you need to find out exactly how much this will cost you. Being careful about your research will enable you to filter out the market noise and select a well-reputed, reliable provider who lets you back-up your data whenever you want to.

Prepare for the worst

Be proactive when assessing various cloud providers in order to source a supportive, fair supplier who can help you manage and protect your data effectively. It is worth noting that most cloud providers will not hold data in their own data centre. Instead, they are more likely to use rented space in someone else’s data centre. Thus, you need to know what would happen if there is ever a problem with the data centre used. Legal firms must make sure they are aware of their options and then need to make any changes required in order to protect their data in future, so as to avoid unpleasant surprises. Find out if you can back-up your own data or if your supplier will charge for that service. You should also ask yourself if you can access your whole email and document library to get your data back if something goes wrong. The last thing you need is to find yourself at the mercy of your cloud provider and be unable to recover your data in a clear and useful format, should something go awry.

To ensure you choose ideal technology partners, learn where any data will be stored and if they can provide you with the flexibility you need to back-up all your data whenever you wish.


Here are three questions you may want to ask yourself when you start researching further into options to help your firm deal with data protection and security.

1. Do you think cloud-based data security, or data security in general, is a problem?

2. Do you own your data, or do you trust a provider to protect and manage it for you?

3. Have you looked into all the possible options regarding data security and management?


Today then, we have briefly discussed the importance of data protection, management and security for legal firms. We hope that now we have provided you with a couple of tips on how to find the best cloud-based protection for your data, you feel more confident about it. We hope that you have found that answering the three questions above has given you the start you need to do some more in-depth research into your options for data management and security. Visit SpineLegal now to find out more. Our experts can advise you on some of the best available cloud-based solutions.

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