Legal Innovation through partnerships

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

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Innovation through partnerships

Over the years, there has been significant growth in the number of providers in the market offering legal services to people. Have you ever thought how innovation through partnerships can help solicitors bring all their services together? This could in turn help solicitors provide clients with better services.

In this article, we will explore what innovation is and how it is changing practices in law firms and how such innovation could help partnerships provide improved services to their clients through bringing all the services they offer together in one place. These services can range from searches or tax submission to insurance, to name just a few. Let’s investigate this further.

What is Innovation and how it is changing Legal Practice.

You are innovating if are involved in delivering a new or improved service, have introduced a new way to deliver a service or if you are finding new ways to manage, structure or market your law firm. Legal services are evolving at an unprecedented rate in order to meet public demand for new services and new ways to practice law. Some of the ways the rapid pace of innovation is changing legal practice include:

o Services being provided online.

o Services and resources being outsourced.

o Legal service subscription services.

o One-stop shops bringing together a wide range of professional services.

Lots of firms are seeking a way to change the way they work by offering integrated professional services which bring in functions like accountancy to complement their legal services and by using IT and automation software to increase flexibility.

Partnerships, Innovation and how bringing services together can benefit your law firm.

In law, a partnership means two or more people working towards a common goal. Through the formation of partnerships in legal firms you can help bring together legal services in one place and provide a more efficient service to clients. There are some advantages to having services and software that complement each other by working together.

o You will be able to reduce workload if all functions and services are correctly integrated. Financial information can be recorded and time recorded and billable hours can be viewed by any user of the software. This increases productivity and efficiency and also ensures that tasks are not duplicated. Moreover, it provides authority figures within a firm a way to easily oversee practices in the law firm and allows them to pinpoint areas for improvement. Also having all the services offered and all the features and functions of the software in one location reduces the amount of repetitive work and the number of errors caused by people working on partitioned systems.

o Using a fully-integrated software package to manage tasks will provide people in authority with actionable information as opposed to disjointed data sets. This makes it easier to create reports on different aspects of your practice, and management can more easily track how the firm is progressing and performing. In addition, rather than just measuring given metrics you can also revel factors which affect things like cost and the number of cases opened.

o Data on the system can be reported on using management dashboards, making it easier to send scheduled reports to individuals. This allows people to make informed decisions and thus work more efficiently and effectively.

o An innovative integrated software package also makes collaboration with partners easier to facilitate the smooth running of legal practices with many different partners all of whom could benefit in different ways.


Fast-loading, integrated and innovative legal software which can make it easier to work with partners brings the promise of healthier cash flow and allows workers in a law firm to work in a more effective, productive and efficient manner. We hope we have highlighted some of the advantages of bringing together services and software in a single place and have explained how it can help facilitate the smooth running of your law firm. We hope you feel confident enough to go and explore automation software and find the best package to suit your needs. Visit SpineLegal today to find some of the best legal automation software on the market.

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