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Updated: Feb 28

A quick process could be thought like a person traveling from one location to another. He/she could take different routes/modes of transportation where that decision will then define the cost and duration. Similarly, a business process thinking allows every process decision in the firm to be carefully optimized which can then be fine-tuned for cost and efficiency. Savings through efficiency improvements directly contribute to the bottom line generating More Profits.

Business process automation, also known as business automation or digital transformation, is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery, or contain costs. 65% of businesses view Process Thinking as something that would free employees from menial tasks.

The business process is the foundation for all operational improvements. Every process has a start and an end and all the activities that a firm undertakes in between. By improving each of the activities the firm can then improve the overall process for cost and efficiency.

Every legal operation has unique characteristics, culture, and way of operation, this is where SpineLegal adds value by providing a fully configurable automation process. SpineLegal introduced a fully configurable and flexible workflow tool, which is easy for people to operate with any level of technical skills. This ensured all the firms could configure and implement the process automation easily.

Process automation in turn provided the firms with below benefits that are bringing more business with reduced operational cost.

  1. Increased Productivity.

  2. Streamlined Communication

  3. Reduced Time and Costs

  4. Improved Quality

  5. Greater Visibility

  6. More Efficient Task Management

  7. Improved Operational Stability

  8. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Once the process automation is in place, the next key aspect of process fine-tuning is to identify bottlenecks and improve efficiency, which will directly contribute to the bottom line of the firm.

We undertook a study of the process improvements in a firm and helped the customer through the various optimization opportunities which resulted in the benefits of reducing manual efforts and reduced costs. The key success to call out here is we were able to generate more profits from the same number of cases under management.

An example of one of the improvements in the firm was to address repeat queries post completion of the cases. We ensured all the solicitors are working to the same standards with the help of an audit function which then significantly reduced the queries post-completion and saved valuable time for the firm. A very good example of Removing Bottlenecks Created By Queries.

Spine started as a small case management system and we learned how to put workflows in a platform to help legal firms operate consistently. The first issue we faced was the wait times on the previous steps in the workflow which we addressed using a clever way to group dependent tasks in a stage allowing other stages to progress without waiting, this reduced the lead time of completing the cases significantly.

From a process point of view always remember the slowest process decides the speed of the entire system. So we need to identify the slow runners and manage them. You can identify the slow runners very Easily if you have a good process environment – Check out the SpineLegal “task view” where this is quite easy to identify and address.

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