How to choose legal software for efficient operations

Putting excellent operations in place is what will make your legal firm stand out from the crowd. Indeed, efficient operations make the difference between having to deal with messy execution, sloppy case management and accounting, and ensuring that there is streamlined, quality output from your firm.

To demonstrate how firms take steps to deal with the problem of inefficient operations, we are going to look at some companies who are marketing legal software. We will do this by category, according to the type of software offered. We will also discuss how SpineLegal’s excellent software solutions could help improve operations and help you get the best out of your legal firm.

Ready to find out more? Let’s dig into the detail.

Legal Accounting: Software Solutions

InsightLegal offers easy-to-use effective legal accounting software which has been designed especially for use in UK law firms. It’s purpose is to help you keep multiple accounts organised and thus improve the productivity of the workers in your legal practice. The cost varies depending on how many people need to use the accounting software.

Clio, a firm based in North America, offers clients a cloud-based case management software, which incorporates a billing module to assist with accounting. Their software allows you to keep accounts organised and accurate and lets you create legal invoices and view all transactions made with a given client. Of course, the legal software from Clio has not been optimised for use in the UK, so may not be the perfect choice for those operating in the UK or Ireland.

EclipseLegal offer UK legal firms access to excellent case management software, but offer no separate program to help with accounting. Instead, there is a module included in the case management software which has been designed to aid you with accounting, including case budget and management. This software is geared towards accounts related to the management of cases, rather than individual client accounts, though it is integrated so you don’t need to re-enter any data.

Leap, an Australian firm, provide clients with fully-integrated 3rd party accounting software (Xero), which will improve the efficiency of operations within your legal practice. Everything you need is found in a single place, and all the software complies with regulations. The downside to this software is that there appears to be no easy steps you can take to do a quick assessment or audit when you wish, as you can if you use SpineLegal software.

SpineLegal also offers fully-integrated legal accounting software that performs all the functions mentioned above as is compliant with all regulations set out by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The integration means that data will be automatically updated as necessary, eliminating the need to re-enter data. All relevant information is kept in one place and is easy to access and super-easy to use. It also has the added advantage of providing tools that allow you to easily conduct audits and assessments of accounts when needed. These few additional features of the software offered by SpineLegal is what makes their software package, in our opinion at least, the best choice you can make to increase the efficiency of the accounting and reporting processes in your legal firm.

Case Management: Software Solutions

InsightLegal provides customers with quality case management software that combines automated document and form generation with a good approach to work-flow management which enables the staff in a law firm to better streamline their case operations. Their Enterprise Module give firms increased ability to manage tasks effectively and the digital workflow is designed to help improve, the management of cases, planning and give staff reminders as needed.

Eclipse Legal offer good case management software, too. It includes modules dealing with CRM and business development, reporting, document production and management among much else, all of which have been designed to increase efficiency within your legal firm.

Leap and Clio both offer clients excellent cloud-based case management software. Clio offers software that facilitates categorisation of information, gives staff updates on progress in real-time, allows easy organisation of case-related tasks and provides an easy-to-understand centralised overview of a case on a single dashboard. Leap offers separate software designed to help people deal with several different tasks related to case management, for instance, document preparation and management.

SpineLegal offer clients stellar case management software to increase the efficiency of operations. It is especially designed to improve workflow, productivity and facilitate audits. Special attention has been paid to ensuring customer satisfaction, though research and by ensuring every stage of case management is undertaken with care. The system is fully-integrated to allow perfect synchronisation of emails and relevant documents, further speeding up processes. SpineLegal’s case management stands out because of the particular attention paid to client satisfaction, which will help increase the chance for your firm to get repeat business. Thus, by choosing SpineLegal, you will not only improve the efficiency of operations in your firm, you will also potentially increase your profits and business over time.

Practice Management: Software Solutions

The practice management software available form Insight Legal helps firms cultivate a positive culture in the workplace, whilst managing budgets and forecasts. It allows for detailed reporting and allows you to exercise effective financial control.

Clio do not provide a separate software package specifically for practice management, but all the key components of good practice management are covered in the Clio Manage software, crucially including producing overviews so that you can pinpoint where changes can be made to increase efficiency of a given operation.

Leap also do not have the advantage of dedicated practice management software. It should be noted, however, that you can use the comprehensive features found in the available software to undertake many of the tasks associated with practice management, chiefly by using time recording and reporting.

The same is, in fact, true of EclipseLegal, who have no dedicated software for practice management. You can of course, use the features included in their case management software to do good, useful practice management.

SpineLegal’s practice management software is second-to-none. It provides partners in a law firm, along with senior solicitors a real-time overview of performance of staff and the practices of your firm. Charts are produced so that you can view the distribution of cases and spot outstanding activity easily. The real-time data given in the overview, which has been designed to be used by UK legal firms, is what gives Spinal Legal the edge in this area.


Today then, we have discussed how firms find solutions to help improve the efficiency within and across your legal practice. We hope we’ve given you the confidence needed to help you make the decision of which legal software to choose, and find some that’s perfect for you. Be sure to visit SpineLegal today to find out more and get some v

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