All started when I met my solicitor friend for a casual catch up!!  He was exasperated with the inefficiencies in the workflow at his practice.  He knew there had to be solutions and products that could address these problems to some extent – but frankly, they were too expensive and neither user-friendly nor effective in resolving his problems.

He mentioned this to me, as I am a management consultant who has provided numerous business and technical solutions to top-tier financial institutions, and I agreed to review the problem he was facing.


I looked into all the products out there in the market and compared the features and prices. We were both amazed at how the legal industry is still running on horses & carriages, whereas the rest of the world is cruising on state of the art, powerful processing engines!

"Most of the software solutions are broken or never achieves the results long term or makes it extremely difficult to operate - Your need to think of Business Processes and use software as a vehicle to implement it"

Having trawled the market for existing providers of legal software, he requested to set up a business to create a better competitive solution. I looked into the best practices and engaged with the finest in the market for process automation, software tools, designers and architects. - From this was born SPINE - Solicitor Practice Integration Engine.

From this was born the brand called SPINE – Solicitor Practice Integration Engine.

  • Legal Process Automation - Process driven to model the business effectively

  • Addresses Work Flow Inefficiencies - Allows more case processing in less time

  • Friendly and Easy to Use  - Intuitive and hence quick turn around with less people 

  • Economical and Human Touch - Easy to learn and cheaper to operate

  • Innovations for customer satisfaction - Providing happy customers, repeat business

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