Steps to Onboard SpineLegal

SpineLegal has a well-established process for onboarding new firms into the system. SpineLegal is not just a product but with services built around it to ensure the firms achieve the best value out of the system. 

Below is the sequence of activities in SpineLegal once a purchase decision is made.

Our commitment to legal firms is to reduce their work while adopting SpineLegal.  As in the sequence above, you can see all the heavy lifting of setting up the system is done by the SpineLegal support team.

The 3 sessions for Automation Strategy, Installation and Training, are fine-tuned to ensure you get the maximum value in those 30mins - 60 mins sessions.

Firms who want to onboard quickly can do so, and our fastest onboarding was in half a day which will reduce disruption and gives you a brand new and advanced platform.

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