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Introduction to Spine Matrix
As captured in Our Story, the foundations of building an efficient legal operation lie in creating processes that are easy to follow which are consistently followed by all the practitioners in a particular firm. At SpineLegal, we have defined the Case & Matter Process, the Accounting Process, the Practice Management Process and the Customer Experience Process to help you improve your business.
"If you can improve your processes for one case/matter then you will improve your business generating more profits, business and satisfaction"
You can download the process documentation by clicking the button below.
Businesses exist to serve people and generate profits as earnings or to invest back into the economy. All legal operations are service businesses and the two major risks they carry are people risk and expenses. Structuring your business with solid processes which can then be monitored with practice management tools will significantly reduce the people risk. However, expenses cannot be seen on their own but as a ratio of your income. With additional time available, created by following certain processes, legal practitioners can serve more customers and generate more revenue. This is why legal automation is arguably a vital component for any legal practice.
You can download the process documentation by clicking the button below.

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