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Getting to know SpineLegal

SpineLegal is a software platform for legal firms to operate more efficiently. Efficiency in legal firms is best achieved through process automation. The following four (4) videos will set the stage and should be watched before the demo or discovery meeting with the SpineLegal team. They take 5 minutes to understand the background of SpineLegal, what does process automation means, and Louis will take you through the modules in SpineLegal and what to expect once you purchase SpineLegal.

  • What is SpineLegal?

  • What is Legal Process Automation?

  • What are the modules in SpineLegal?

  • Once you buy SpineLegal

SpineLegal is a product and a service. The product is the outcome of several months of hard work by the very best in the industry to design and develop.

The service is an investment from the SpineLegal team into your business at no additional cost. We believe in partnerships where we offer unlimited support and training to all your staff which is all included in the fixed price.

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We invite you to take that leap of faith and watch a no-obligation demo before any purchase decision. It's our promise that the 30 minutes demo will be all worth it.

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