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A single place to download and manage SpineLegal Software and Plugins.

SpineLegal Desktop Software

SpineLegal desktop application is a windows based system and can be downloaded from Click here

The desktop application has Matter Management, Case Management, Workflow Management, Document Management and Legal Accounting.


SpineLegal Word Plugin

Microsoft office is the foundation for document processing in SpineLegal. The word plugin can be downloaded from Click here


SpineLegal Outlook Plugin

Microsoft outlook is the foundation for email integration in SpineLegal. The outlook plugin can be downloaded from Click here


SpineLegal PDF Plugin

Adobe PDF processing is made easier in SpineLegal through a custom PDF viewer and editor which process PDF documents in SpineLegal. The PDF plugin can be downloaded from Click Here



Solicitors interact with clients through a portal and can share and receive documents from clients. https://www.legaltrack.co.uk

Clients will receive the login credentials automatically from the SpineLegal System.


LegalTrack For Solicitors

Most of the SpineLegal system features are available in LegalTrack for Solicitors. It can be accessed through https://www.legaltrack.co.uk/login/solicitor


Mobile Applications

Search in Apple AppStore and Google Play for iOS and Android applications for SpineLegal and LegalTrack.

SpineLegal is only available for the Solicitors and LegalTrack is available for both Solicitors and Clients.


Document Store

SpineLegal gives you ownership of all your documents through cloud storage.

You could use one of the most reliable cloud storage services from GoogleDrive, OneDrive or DropBox. We support all of them.

GoogleDrive - ClickHere

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All the above software components will be installed with 1-Click on your computer.

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