SpineLegal™ template management modules have all the features required for a legal firm. The templates are managed within the SpineLegal application and the Template mapping is done through the Microsoft word plugin built for the SpineLegal application.


The favourite fields to map are organised in an easy to access fashion.


SpineLegal comes with a standard set of templates or the Legal firm can choose to use their own templates. Mapping of the firm's templates could be undertaken by the solicitors or the SpineLegal support will do it with no additional cost.


The templates, mapped to each workflow, will automatically generate the respective documents at the various stages of case management.

SpineLegal support 4 types of templates

  1. Document templates

  2. Letter templates

  3. Email body templates

  4. SMS templates for messages to clients

A highly intuitive and feature-rich case management system. Automation through configuration provides better productivity compared to the other products. Contact us for an online demo. Alternatively, experience yourself by downloading a trial version.

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