SpineLegal’s customer process focuses on building up the customer experience and satisfaction during case operations.
"If you can improve your processes to help on client, you will improve the experience of all your client" - Jack Newton, author of book "The Client Centred Law Firm"
Statistics show that 40% of clients feel frustration when they hire a lawyer, but only 8% of law firms believe this to be the case. Fundamentally, this means there is a need for awareness before process improvements can be recommended.
The picture on the right hand side is clearly articulating how to achieve the sweet spot for the operations by shifting the focus to being Client Centric"
The experience we leave customers with determines whether we will have repeat business opportunities and therefore more profits for the firm.
What is SpineLegal Customer Process?
The SpineLegal Customer Process recommends tighter integration of case management and customer interfaces. The world is shifting towards Omni Channel communications and we believe Mobile apps, SMS messaging, Web Portals and regular updates are key to ensuring customer satisfaction.
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