Portal for solicitor firms to improve customer experience and retention


  1. Solicitor can give the clients access to the portal

  2. Solicitor can decide what the client sees

  3. Solicitor can share documents with the client in 1 click

  4. The client can upload documents that come straight into the SpineLegal application

  5. Solicitor can instant message clients and clients can respond back

  6. Clients can initiate payments to the legal firm through LegalTrack

  7. Clients can refer friends and family to the legal firm for more business

Giving clients the ultimate power and the ability to manage their preferences is a key step to satisfaction. Having a portal provides an engagement contract and features clients love over and beyond the traditional email and phone channels.

Innovation is moving the suppliers and consumers closer than ever and this can be leveraged in the services sector like legal services. Private clients need continuous communication, trust and support and LegalTrack is one of those tools for solicitors to leverage.

Personalised Customer Experience

Legal practitioners using SpineLegal can share case updates in real time with the end customers providing an outstanding experience which ensures customer retention and repeat business

Secured Document Sharing and Messaging

SpineLegal users now leverage a secure channel with the end customers for live messaging and sharing documents. This ensures all communications have full traceability reducing ambiguity and mis-communications.

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