What is the cost of cloud-based legal software?

Legal software or any cloud-based software products will have three (3) components for the cost


Buying software can be compared to buying a car. There is an upfront cost for the vehicle, which could be paid one time or through some financing and then the ongoing fuel, service and maintenance. The retailer usually does not provide the fuel and service, and maintenance with the car, as it is the car owner's operating cost.


When we compare this to software, the costs can be thought of

  1. Cost of the software (Cost of the car)

  2. Cost for the cloud infrastructure (Cost of fuel)

  3. Cost for the support and upgrades (Cost of service and maintenance)


SpineLegal product is rightly priced with all these components included within the subscription cost, and there is no additional cost to the legal firm.

If any firm wants to take an approach where they don’t need us to provide the cloud infrastructure or support, they will only be paying for the software, which will be cheaper, though we don’t recommend it as it needs IT skills within the firm.

We believe in being transparent with our prices, so why not talk to us?

Software Cost
Support Cost
Cloud Cost

This is the cost for

1.Building the product

2.Licenses and 3rd Party Cost

This is the cost for

1.Servers, Databases, Storage

2.Integrations with 3rd Parties (eg: Postcode Look up)

This is the cost for

1.Support Person

2.New Features and Upgrades

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