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SpineLegal is a simple and easy to use Legal Software that can be Installed in 1-Click

SpineLegal is a cloud based software and is best placed to help you manage legal matters when working from home. SpineLegal helps you own the data and be secure at the same time

What is included? Feature List - Click Here

  1. Matter Management System

  2. Practice Management System

  3. Legal Accounting System

  4. Legal Track for Customers

  5. Tablet and Mobile Applications

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  • Prices available for self-hosting and for fully managed 

  • FREE license for the Accountant & Book Keeper

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and NO Lengthy Contracts

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with onboarding and support

  • Speak to us if you hate subscriptions or for custom packages

  • Special and reduced pricing for SMALL and NEW firms

SpineLegal is presenting "7 Ways to increase profits" on 31st March 2021

SpineLegal help legal firms take incremental steps to untangle the complex processes and gets your team on the fast track to success.

Why SpineLegal?
  • Easier for Solicitors to Operate Cases in a Structured Way
  • Reduce the Time to Run a Case
  • Eliminate Dreaded Tasks Including Document Production
  • Cut the Hazzle of having Multiple Systems
  • Reduce the Stress of Managing Business with Dashboards and Charts
  • Reduce the Cost of Operations including Staff and Software
SpineLegal removes the complex manual processes and document processing steps through systemic automation and helps you
  1. 1. Take Control of All Aspects of the Legal Firm
  2. 2. Reduce the Cost of Operations and Technology
  3. 3. Increase Team Productivity and Efficiency of the Firm

We care about the software, BUT


Old Way

  • You do ALL the Work

  • Lack of TIME with Customers

  • Manual and Paper Heavy Operations

  • Long Hours in Office

  • Culture of the Firm is Hard to Preserve

  • Lack of Transparency and Engagement

  • Legacy Technology

New Way

  • We do ALL the Work

  • More TIME at your Disposal

  • Complete and Mature Operations

  • Reduced Workload and Stress

  • Preserving and Cherishing the culture

  • Transparency and Teamwork

  • Elevated Security and Best Technology


SpineLegal brings the Matter Management, Practice Management and Legal Accounting under one umbrella to help firms increase Profits, Business and Customer Satisfaction.
SpineLegal is a cloud-based software with Desktop, Web, Android and iOS applications which allows the solicitors to work from anywhere and on the go. 
SpineLegal workflow is highly configurable and is not limited to:
  1. Commercial Law

  2. Conveyancing

  3. Commercial Property

  4. Company Law

  5. Immigration

  6. Civil Litigation

  7. IP Law

  8. Family Law

  9. Criminal Law

  10. General Litigation

  11. Personal Injury

  12. Wills & Estates Software

SpineLegal removes all the roadblocks for your FIRM

SpineLegal eliminates all the tools that create roadblocks for your firm. SpineLegal empowers your team to do it all with one solution.
  1. Case and Matter Management
  2. Practice Management
  3. Client and Office Accounting
  4. Client Portal
  5. Mobile Applications
  6. Integrations with 3rd Party Providers
  7. Give You the Data Ownership
  8. and Many More....

Join the technology PARTNERSHIP and receive the best personal Experience


1. Pick the Package

2. Set the System Up

3. Grow Your Business

On Purchase, the software will be delivered immediately along with 3 workshop calendar invites for

  1. Strategy and Planning

  2. Setting up and Implementing the System

  3. Staff Training 


  • Increase Efficiency and Staff Engagement

  • Plan and Budget Cashflow

  • Cut Cost of Operations

  • Manage Risks and Compliance

  • Technology Partner with Support
  • Full End to End Onboarding and Training

Transform from the multi tasking, stressed and over worked  to be in control using cutting edge technology which helps in making smart choices of the elite high achievers.


I am delighted with SpineLegal, it is more than I expected with superb quality and attention to detail on the software and on the administration modules to set up the management of my legal firm.

The data regarding case progress and quick access to documents are as stated. The ease of integration with word and outlook is excellent. I have had several admirers at my office who have even stopped me whilst working on the case to ask all about the software I use.

The service offered and delivered was a very personal experience and they spent the time setting up the system to suit me. SpineLegal team have been available on phone to answer any of my queries and questions.

It is rare these days to have such service provided by people who are knowledgable and enthusiastic about what they do.

BJ, EU Law Firm




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