Commercial Property Software

Commercial property legal practice management software provides financial and administrative tools needed to maintain commercial property legal cases and transactions. Examples of properties managed with commercial property management software include office spaces, retail stores, hotels, malls, student housing, and medical centers.

The legal software has Commercial Transaction Workflows, SDLT integration and search provider integration built in.

Typical case types include, Commercial Lease, Commercial Purchase, Commercial Sale, Easement, Planning & Development and Refinance.

Practice management systems designed for matter management helps save time and money through automation. Workflows included can allocate and calculate appropriate charges for every lease type and reconcile expenses easily. 

SpineLegal case management and practice management software has been designed with the help of conveyancers. Spine legal software is designed to streamline the conveyancing process as well as to handle larger volumes of work. Law firms want to provide accurate information to clients and estate agents all the time. So it is vital to choose the right software.

Online searches, land registry forms, client demand to access files 24 hours a day are part of a good conveyancing software. The software must allow practices to improve efficiency. Document management modules should meet and support all the compliance requirements. This is achieved by using defined processes in workflows by regularly updating transaction forms (SDLT forms, land registry, CQS etc).

For the fee earners, a good user friendly legal case management software with online case tracking is a must. This will allow them to focus on cases rather on the administrative tasks. The process starts with quote generation to completion statement production once the case is completed.

Conveyancing software is designed to help law practices reduce fixed overheads whilst improving the service provided to customers. It can deal with sales, purchase and remortgage work. 

A fully integrated time recording and document production from templates is a key feature eg: HMRC and Land Registry documents. Conveyancing software should offer complete solutions for any conveyancing department. A good customer database with contacts will reduce the need for data entry and consequently saves time. This means a practice can work with all the data which will provide a faster turnaround of cases.

The legal case management software gives lawyers the opportunity to see a case from many different angles. Finally, a good conveyancing software with legal accounting is always an asset to a law firm.

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