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Growth Story - How a firm expanded using SpineLegal Platform and Processes

As an established solicitor firm, my business has been using SpineLegal since April 2018. I have been using other leading case management software in the past and have found SpineLegal a level above other products in the market. They have provided me with the functionality to migrate from my previous case management system.

The features are extremely easy to use and I have 10 people in my firm working on this product and in fact SpineLegal has helped me expand my team from 3 to 10 partners rapidly as I could set the business process using workflows and monitor the progress carefully in all stages.

I have found the integrations with word and outlook, case status tab, case audit functionality and system configurations very useful to run a successful legal firm.

SpineLegal has saved me tens of thousands in license fees and I am very pleased with this.

I have every confidence in this product and the expertise of the people behind this.

Partner, Legal Firm with exponential Growth
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