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CQWAT - Structured process

If you have read our story, you know that our only mission at SpineLegal is to define the most efficient processes available and build a platform to effectively address inefficiencies in any workflows. We want to do this in a way that’s easy to follow, as well as being friendly and cost effective. As an additional motivation for our customers, we brought in world class business transformation processes and technological solutions to support this plan. These innovations are bringing superior customer satisfaction, automation and profits to our customers.

What is CQWAT?

CQWAT is a three step, easy-to-follow stage process used to effectively address processing inefficiencies in a legal operation. We identified the root cause for unstructured and inefficient approaches is because of the lack of a standard operational workflow.

CQWAT is a process we defined in order to help our customers increase their throughput (number of cases per solicitor) by removing the bottlenecks found in a more traditional model.

Each of the components in CQWAT contains automated and easy-to-follow steps that will standardise the entire operations of a firm across all case types


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Transform the legal business using standard process

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