SpineLegal™ brings in all the features (refer - features) to run a very efficient and streamlined legal practice. This includes workflows, quotations, template management, integrations and niche features.

When you onboard to SpineLegal, we will help you or set up all the foundations to run SpineLegal. These are the one-time setup that will be called when a new case is opened. 

We are committed to ensure the platform empowers you and reduce the manual efforts to run a case.


and minimal extra detail entry when creating a new case. It brings customer onboarding, quotation generation and case entry under one hood seamlessly providing an excellent user experience. Case management is handled through the workflow engine which generates the steps required to handle the case consistently and effectively within the firm.

A highly intuitive and feature-rich case management system. Automation through configuration provides better productivity compared to the other products. Contact us for an online demo. Alternatively, experience yourself by downloading a trial version.

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