How to manage templates in SpineLegal?

SpineLegal takes a two-prong approach to template management where it gives the legal firms the opportunity to

  1. Pick the templates from the SpineLegal repository or

  2. Firms can use their existing templates

What SpineLegal provides as part of the support service is to Map these templates based on the letterhead for the legal firm. This service is FREE and is part of the ongoing support.

There are four (4) types of templates that you can configure in SpineLegal

  1. Document Templates

    • Standard documents for case processing.

  2. Letter Templates

    • Letters to the other participants in the legal case saved as templates

  3. Email Templates

    • The email body can be saved as templates for repeated use saving valuable time

  4. SMS Templates

    • Instead of typing SMS messages, centrally store them as templates.


As part of the onboarding session, the SpineLegal representative will discuss these in detail to ensure all these templates are in place before the training sessions. This will ensure every solicitor in the firm can take advantage of these various templates from Day-1.

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